Tuesday, December 24, 2013


PENANG - Is the most wanted visit city of mine in MALAYSIA ,not just because their delicious food and also the relax feeling . but i'm more interesting to their art painting on the street wall !! yes !! since i'm a big fan of kind of the stuff xD

Also as i just mention up there , their foodddd . you can't miss this ice cendol beside the main street of penang. it might looks nothing , but trust me it's your savior during your bicycle traveling under the sunshine .

oh! it's prawn noodle! one of the top famous food in penag ;) 
btw i'm in the 3D museum penang , the location kinda hard to find but well you will got the information when you rent the bicycle there :p

Trust me , this is my favorite pic in the museum . haha i looks so tiny xD

Yes , this is my best best best friend . pinky . i know she looks gorgeous . 
and my suggestion to you all ,if you want visit penang and all the place i had visit here. bicycle is not a second choice ;)

yap yap , i don't know for you guys ,but isn't it a interesting thing to visit a history wax museum while you just step into a new place ,honestly,nah for me. but after visit there and check out theres a test before you get in ,which is find out the answer on the wall and you got the small gift from the museum. who doesn't love gift? so i'm totally interesting ! 

yah, you ! dude! i foundcha.  

cool ,theres more much things i wanna tell, but i'm super hungry with this moment. so simple ending this time. with full of my heart this 3 days 2 night trip ,honestly , it's too short. but i'm happy enough to visit this place i wish so long time ago. and soon i will go back bali ! can't wait to introduce you all more about it. ok as usual .

hope you guys enjoy this post