Sunday, March 31, 2013


Yeah ! back to the Zoblanche's ootd !!! i'm so in love with this kind of style , simple as always .
Tips for the look , jacket always your good friend to help you shine out the look :) 
i wore this outfit to campus doing my pattern assignment , feels comfortable and free. 
sometime i will wear something girly also to the campus , but only if i don't need to spend much time there. cause it's difficult for me to do the pattern with a dress :/ 

Happy easter all :) 

have a amazing sunday 


cheers !

Friday, March 29, 2013

Over Thinking

welcome back to the ZoBLANCHE's OOTD ! 

that's what i wore to my campus few days ago . my boylish girly
well, this semester i feel so lazy to wearing heels to campus , nah because of it hurts me or something. it just because sometime my mind haven't totally clear in the morning and i just keep fall down by my own -.- time for sleep girls. i know it's not a good time say good night , but after i back to malaysia . everyday i just sleep on time , yah... on time... at least at 2 am -''- 

good night 


cheers ;) 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Empty Heart


Last weekend we went to KLCC TWINS TOWER  , at first was decided to go to the aquarium museum but then just found out that it closed on weekend .  so we turn to SHOPPING MOOD!!!! 
have been a longggg time i didn't walk out from the "LINE" . home-campus-restaurant-home. anyway finally i found the shoe! i want for a couple of months sale in TOP SHOP! 
BUT! no more my size left :(((((((
i'm lated! -.- whos the last one who took 35/36! argh! :((((( who took my baby ??? :'( 

never mind i won't give up searching it, hope can find in forever21 later! ok, back to the ootd , this is just so comfy for me. many girls put on too many things on herself. actually you don't need to wear too many accessories on you like a christmas tree . simple top from H&M and high waist jeans from UNIQLO plus H&M's spike silver necklace just simply stand the style out . well , i love some simple accessories to shine up the look . took few of your favorite accessories and make sure the color is matching to your outfit ;) then you can easily got your style ;) 

hope you all enjoy the post today~

Good night all

Cheers ;) 

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Princess Line Dress

This is my first assignment of sewing , princess line dress is a dress that i want for a quite long time but didn't dare to buy one for own . cause it just too cute on me . i'm not such an feminine girl as well . so at that time when i choosing the fabric color , i prefer the darker blue to be my main color of this assignment and use the japanese printing fabric to be the collar part . make sure the color stand out from this look. i'm really in love with those simple but beautiful printing. especially japanese printing :)


haha , looks like sleep wear . the flower printing is so beautiful and the color ! make me melting , the fabric just so good but nah on me . i was trying my best to make it looks good on me, but i think this time i failed :( like aunty somehow .

Lady Pants

With Neon Green ! yeah at that time was really trendy the neon! and i super love the green neon!  the color just light up my skin ! haha . who say the lady pant should always be the dark blue , black , etc any dark color . neon can be your good choice next time ;) 

good night picture with my barbie girl , dress made by me .

hope you all like the post today .

good night kitties .

cheers :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Back to yesterday , this is what i wore to campus . hmm.. such a simple outfit as always .
hmmm... i know the quality of my photo nah as good as other bloggers. maybe i need change it or buy a new camera lens . canon might be a good idea for me. but the normal digital camera is juts too big and so heavy as well , thats why the sony nex looks more interesting me in the first sign. btw yesterday my sis cookie's parents coming . we went to airport to pick them up . they are so cute and friendly . i think the diet plan for me will be delay again. cause her mom was saying about cooking for us. ckckck. the real traditional china mummy cooking~ well well , gonna so busy in this month. hope i still can keep my time here. 
the post i promise will coming soon.

good night all .

cheers :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Turn To The Next Corner

rush rush~ this is what i wore two days ago , accompany my sis cookie to register at campus.
have been a while i didn't wearing something like this . i mean this kind of style. hmmm.. i feel so comfortable and so me . haha . anyway the last picture!!!! look at her ! look at her eye!! awww~ how can u stop staring at her. CAN NOT !!!!!
in the same day we got the little puppy back from the pet shop . yah she is daidai ! adai is her !the one i mention in the first post . see how lovely she is . 

ok , time to take off the mask ~ going to wash my face~ 

ps. sorry for the bad quality of the photo , i forgot to bring my camera that morning. so i just used my iphone to take a snap. 

next post will be the 2012 assignments review ;) 

good night


cheers ;)

Friday, March 1, 2013

2012 TRIPS

THAILAND - Bangkok

Is this looks familier? so many romantic thailand movie shooting at this place!

Thai tea ice cream ! 

hmmm...ok i know it's kinda scary , but some people said it taste like chicken?!


''Trans studio ''


The cleanest club street 

Michaela sayang from twinsling and eunice sayang :))


yo man! my friend and also classmate : Dorian jay ! 

Genting high land trip

Lovely Meow Jean from The hiden rainbow   

Thankyou for the shooting camera man : fedfed :p

Deng deng deng done !

ok so, those photos are my latest trips in Begining of the year and the end of the year 2012 .
first time to Thailand , First time to Bandung , first time to singapore , also first time to Genting high land in malaysia.  well , thank you guys for those amazing memories . we had so much fun there. 
this year i'm planing to go to the ''hello kitty town'' in johor ,malaysia . even though i'm not a super fans of hello kitty , but i just can't say no to her. LOL 

cool , hope you all enjoy all the pictures .

cheers :)