Sunday, April 28, 2013

Details Please?

Hualala...hallo hallo all :) 

i'm sorry for been a longggg time didn't update and reply all your messages.
i was busy on the mid term assignment , but now i'm free ! yes , i'm in holiday now have a mid term break week . welcome back my blog life , welcome back to my ootd and also daily !! so happy to back here , this time my little fed bring me and i bring my little white ( my sony camera ;p) to travel some where in malaysia . and it just a begining ;) 

one day before was my stress moment ever , so fedfed decided to bring me to refresh !
here we are , we went to dark cave, somewhere near kuala lumpur the capital city of malaysia. 
you can see the longggggg stairs . hmm yah.. half way done me sweating everywhere .
but it feels good . since i studied in college i rarely do some sport :( i miss sweating . haha
and you will ask me , wheres the pic of up there?  there got a cave ,which is very dark inside 
and i don't dare to go in . 
so if you are interesting , come and visit malaysia ;) 

haha ready? 

welcome back to zoblanche's ootd!! 

dang dang dang dang~

do you like my uncasual but casual outfit? 

special of the day : cat ear shape with white pearl hairband 


hope you all enjoy all the pictures .

Next Post : My Sunglasses Collection
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happy sunday 

cheers :) 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Women In Black

been a long time didn't updated , welcome back to my ootd ;) 

not many caption for today , in a sick condition have to sleep now . 
those who leave message in my last post will reply you guys tomorrow :)

happy friday

good night 



Friday, April 5, 2013

That's What She Said

Holla all , today i'm not gonna share my ootd with you . but i want to share something lovely . yeah, it's FLOWER CROWN ! for those who love flower crown as much as i do please put your hands up!!!
we all know normally flower crown is for bride , for photo shoot . but now it just back to our lifestyle. you can wear it whenever you want i mean why not? it's really lovely and colorful . i found few of flower crown pictures from google . tell me which one is your favorite? remember the last holiday i spent in Bali , i went to help a wedding shooting project. just realize how amazing when a normal girl wearing up the flower crown, her look , her happiness just spread out by the look.
maybe you are not that type of girl wearing this kind of big flower crown to everywhere
but please remember always keep wearing your own invisible crown

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thanks for your support and loves  

hope you all like my post today

good night 


cheers ;)