Saturday, March 9, 2013


Back to yesterday , this is what i wore to campus . hmm.. such a simple outfit as always .
hmmm... i know the quality of my photo nah as good as other bloggers. maybe i need change it or buy a new camera lens . canon might be a good idea for me. but the normal digital camera is juts too big and so heavy as well , thats why the sony nex looks more interesting me in the first sign. btw yesterday my sis cookie's parents coming . we went to airport to pick them up . they are so cute and friendly . i think the diet plan for me will be delay again. cause her mom was saying about cooking for us. ckckck. the real traditional china mummy cooking~ well well , gonna so busy in this month. hope i still can keep my time here. 
the post i promise will coming soon.

good night all .

cheers :)


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