Sunday, March 17, 2013


Princess Line Dress

This is my first assignment of sewing , princess line dress is a dress that i want for a quite long time but didn't dare to buy one for own . cause it just too cute on me . i'm not such an feminine girl as well . so at that time when i choosing the fabric color , i prefer the darker blue to be my main color of this assignment and use the japanese printing fabric to be the collar part . make sure the color stand out from this look. i'm really in love with those simple but beautiful printing. especially japanese printing :)


haha , looks like sleep wear . the flower printing is so beautiful and the color ! make me melting , the fabric just so good but nah on me . i was trying my best to make it looks good on me, but i think this time i failed :( like aunty somehow .

Lady Pants

With Neon Green ! yeah at that time was really trendy the neon! and i super love the green neon!  the color just light up my skin ! haha . who say the lady pant should always be the dark blue , black , etc any dark color . neon can be your good choice next time ;) 

good night picture with my barbie girl , dress made by me .

hope you all like the post today .

good night kitties .

cheers :)

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