Friday, March 1, 2013

2012 TRIPS

THAILAND - Bangkok

Is this looks familier? so many romantic thailand movie shooting at this place!

Thai tea ice cream ! 

hmmm...ok i know it's kinda scary , but some people said it taste like chicken?!


''Trans studio ''


The cleanest club street 

Michaela sayang from twinsling and eunice sayang :))


yo man! my friend and also classmate : Dorian jay ! 

Genting high land trip

Lovely Meow Jean from The hiden rainbow   

Thankyou for the shooting camera man : fedfed :p

Deng deng deng done !

ok so, those photos are my latest trips in Begining of the year and the end of the year 2012 .
first time to Thailand , First time to Bandung , first time to singapore , also first time to Genting high land in malaysia.  well , thank you guys for those amazing memories . we had so much fun there. 
this year i'm planing to go to the ''hello kitty town'' in johor ,malaysia . even though i'm not a super fans of hello kitty , but i just can't say no to her. LOL 

cool , hope you all enjoy all the pictures .

cheers :)

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