Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Empty Heart


Last weekend we went to KLCC TWINS TOWER  , at first was decided to go to the aquarium museum but then just found out that it closed on weekend .  so we turn to SHOPPING MOOD!!!! 
have been a longggg time i didn't walk out from the "LINE" . home-campus-restaurant-home. anyway finally i found the shoe! i want for a couple of months sale in TOP SHOP! 
BUT! no more my size left :(((((((
i'm lated! -.- whos the last one who took 35/36! argh! :((((( who took my baby ??? :'( 

never mind i won't give up searching it, hope can find in forever21 later! ok, back to the ootd , this is just so comfy for me. many girls put on too many things on herself. actually you don't need to wear too many accessories on you like a christmas tree . simple top from H&M and high waist jeans from UNIQLO plus H&M's spike silver necklace just simply stand the style out . well , i love some simple accessories to shine up the look . took few of your favorite accessories and make sure the color is matching to your outfit ;) then you can easily got your style ;) 

hope you all enjoy the post today~

Good night all

Cheers ;) 


  1. I am so happy I found your blog. You have amazing style!
    I followed you on Bloglovin and Lookbook :)

    1. thank you sanja :) glad you like it .


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