Saturday, March 2, 2013

Turn To The Next Corner

rush rush~ this is what i wore two days ago , accompany my sis cookie to register at campus.
have been a while i didn't wearing something like this . i mean this kind of style. hmmm.. i feel so comfortable and so me . haha . anyway the last picture!!!! look at her ! look at her eye!! awww~ how can u stop staring at her. CAN NOT !!!!!
in the same day we got the little puppy back from the pet shop . yah she is daidai ! adai is her !the one i mention in the first post . see how lovely she is . 

ok , time to take off the mask ~ going to wash my face~ 

ps. sorry for the bad quality of the photo , i forgot to bring my camera that morning. so i just used my iphone to take a snap. 

next post will be the 2012 assignments review ;) 

good night


cheers ;)

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